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Let's Get Together

Summers are busy! Whether you're traveling, or just swamped - everything is at your own pace, and you have 24/7 lifetime access.

Unlike retreats and conferences - our small, intimate cohorts works within your daily life, around your schedule.

Reclaim your time - get personal support with step-by-step guided reflections, mind-clearing creative exercises, and deep conversations of laughter and solidarity


Weekly Chapters

Our 6-week collective works around summer travel, busy careers, and camp-drop-offs, creating opportunities to connect when you're feeling isolated and spun-out.

Expect to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours each week reflecting and discussing your current challenges with the members of your cohort.

How much time you invest is really up to you. There's no 'falling behind' since you're here to work at your own pace, and you're welcome to come back to grow with us each summer.


Get Radically Honest

Recognize and dismantle what holds you back from taking action


find your people

Identify who needs you most and how to show up without letting everyone down


chart a course

Develop recovery strategies for when shit hits the fan (‘cause it always will!)


reclaim your agency

Unlock your weirdly helpful skill that tips the scales on social change



assess your capacity

Clarify your what you need in reciprocity to care for others without melting into a puddle of shame



raise a ruckus

Tailor your personalized action plan to stay motivated and laser-focused to make a deep impact without neglecting your family


2024 Summer LUMINATOR Session

July 8 - August 16

24/7 Chat Group
Connection spaces include a member portal and chat groups accessible at your own pace.

Live Hangouts (optional)
Fridays 1pm ET | 12pm CT | 11am MT | 10am PT

Enrollment opens in May. Join the wait list for notifications.


Summer Luminator Scheduling

We run for 6 weeks every summer, starting early July continuing through mid-August.

Every Monday, we release a new chapter of content, each containing five bite-sized workshop capers with video, audio, or guidebook material to peruse at your own pace.

While we host optional drop-in hangouts on Zoom every Friday, most of our discussion happens in an asychronous chat group and in the member portal.

Upcoming Summer Luminator Dates:
  • 2024: July 8 – August 16
  • 2025: July 7 – August 15
  • 2026: July 6 – August 14
  • 2027: July 5 – August 13
  • 2028: July 10 – August 18
  • …and so on

Our 6-week collective is designed to come along with you!

Either you can wait until you get back, or access the Summer Member Portal from your phone any time of year – including all video, audio, and downloadable resources. Our chat group uses the free Marco Polo app, so you can stay connected with us even when reception is spotty.

The only ‘time sensitive’ material are our six weekly live hangouts, which are optional drop-in events that about half of our members choose to join. Other than a connecting real-time conversation, we don’t cover anything in these hangouts that we don’t discuss in the chat group and in the member portal.

The only ‘live’ events are our casual weekly hangouts on Zoom, which are totally optional, and drop-in as needed.

The real connection comes over our asynchronous chat group, which you can dip into for a few minutes at a time while going on a walk, cooking dinner, or dropping the kiddo off at camp.

Each of the six weeks, we release a new discussion chapter with bite-sized lessons and resources to help you pace yourself. After they’re released, you can access any of these resources at your own pace.

We gathering together because we can’t keep up with the demands on our time – and that’s not gonna change until we create strategies to catch up.

With lifetime access to our resources, invitations to each summer’s collective, optional drop-in hangouts, and our asychronous chat group, there is just no way to fall behind.

If life really throws you for a loop – you’ll have lifetime access to the resources and summer portal if you need to take a break and come back to hang out next summer.

You’ll have online access to the summer portal all year, for as long as it exists – that means access to the videos, downloads, guidebooks, and resource library so you can enjoy them at your own pace.

I do temporarily take down some of our lessons and resources during the enrollment period as we welcome new members. This way I can upgrade and improve our material and release each of our six chapters throughout the summer to help everyone pace themselves.

Our live Zoom hangouts are completely optional – designed to help members who feel more comfortable getting real-time feedback from others.

These live hangouts are a blast – but most of our conversations happen in the discussion threads or the asynchronous chat-group. Even if you have questions or ideas to share at 2am on Saturday mornings, we’re here for your weird schedule.

Our live drop-in hangouts are not recorded.

In our chat group, you can leave your recordings of video or audio up for the whole duration of the summer, or delete your messages any time you feel necessary.

At the end of the summer, we close out last year’s chat group to start a fresh one with new members.

Raising Luminaries hosts the Summer Luminator Collective for six weeks every summer.

We host these hangouts on Zoom every Friday at 1pm Eastern, for 90 minutes.

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