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Igniting the next generation of kind & courageous leaders

Igniting the next generation of kind & courageous leaders

Together with our kids, we can fight for equality and social justice.
It's easier than you think - with the right support.


Permission to Slow Down


Connection & Community


Step-by-Step Pacing


Kyriarchy-Smashing Parents

Raising Luminaries creates learning tools & brave spaces for parents raising the the next generation of kind & courageous leaders.

We are self-advocates and accomplices who admit... okay, sure - the world kinda sucks. But we feel in our bones the real possibility of creating an inclusive society where all kids could feel safe - if we create effective tools and opportunities to for good trouble.

Without taking ourselves too seriously, we co-create accessible resources, accountability training, and collaborative workshops to navigate parenting in a dystopian hellscape while centering the needs of those most impacted by oppression.

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Parents, Caregivers & Educators

If you're tired of unsustainable activism expectations, caregiver burnout, and bursting into uncontrollable screams of despair and fury every time you open the news - welcome to our interdependent community of radically progressive caregivers. Together we can share the work (and help you chill out a bit).

masked mother and child in carrier


You're tired of working 10x harder to compensate for a broken system - and are ready to center your family's liberation over the comfort of those in power.

AAPI parent activist self-advocate

Community Organizers

You're ready to model joyful, sustainable leadership for your kids, and need support setting boundaries with colleagues who expect you to pick up their slack.

white mom with child of color


De-centering yourself is exhausting - you need space and care to share your power without burning out. You're ready to join us as an equal, not a savior.


Family Action Toolkits

Free virtual toolkits to spark kids' curiosity on tricky topics of justice & inclusion.

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If you’re feeling isolated and need other parents who understand you…


Parenting Support Group

Collaborative Workshops

Access to exclusive online discussion groups and training workshops to vent, brainstorm & connect.

Resource Library

Share & access our growing archive of assessments, advocacy templates, and curated kids media guides to take the stress out of local advocacy.

Collab Lab

Vote on a new topic each season with opportunities to co-create tools, training, and strategy guides navigating social justice parenting challenges.

Experiment Playground

Rainy day kids activities, self-care challenges, family movie night reviews, nonsense parent-activist horoscopes, and more! Get access to our archive of weird experiments.

Learn more about the Luminary Braintrust.

If you’ve set yourself on fire to keep others warm…


Virtual Caregiver Workshop

A 6-week virtual retreat where we give ourselves permission to rest, recharge, and regather our marbles.

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If you’re teetering on burnout after taking on too much…

THE SUMMER Luminator

Caregiver Focus Workshop

Make caregiver burnout a thing of the past. 6 Weeks of bite-sized lessons, virtual gatherings, and group support to focus our floodlights into laser beams

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Ashia Ray
Let's get into cahoots

What does 'support' look like for you?

I'm Ashia (they or she), Head Custodian of Raising Luminaries. I organize all this stuff here and facilitate all our group connections, workshops, and trainings.

As an Autistic, multiracial, too-radical, too-infodumpy, mom-type person who cares 'too much' about ALL THE THINGS - I know how hard it is to find a brace space where you feel safe enough to experiment and make friends.

So if you're still unsure which Raising Luminaries space is right for you, or you need 1-on-1 guidance - connect with me and we can figure it out together.


Let's collaborate

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Igniting the next generation of kind & courageous leaders
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