Workshop Investment & Membership

Our commitment to social justice and do-goodery brings us together - and we know this change won't happen overnight.

Your one-time registration in the Summer Luminator gives you access to a lifetime membership, so you we build upon what we learn together every summer.

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Set the foundation of sustainable community care for your kids

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Your lifetime membership

One-time registration fee includes lifetime access to our member portal, resource library, and annual Summer Caregiver Collectives.

No mandatory homework just an invitation to joy. Whether you need live gatherings, bite-sized audio & video trainings, or a library of worksheets - find support tools that fit your style.

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Live Hangouts

Join our 6 drop-in gatherings each summer to work through parenting challenges and streamline your projects with smart, kickass friends who will laugh along with you while we stumble toward change

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24/7 Chat Group

Spinning out and stuck in a spiral of doom? Get on-demand help for untangling your thoughts - even when you're traveling or up with an infant at 2 AM.

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Guidebooks & Planners

Untangle the chaos running through your head and simplify overwhelm with a 6-week module of video, audio, and step-by-step planning guidebooks to suit your learning style.

+ Bonus Resources

Get free access to a extra perks with lifetime access to our ever-growing Summer Resource Library. Access anytime, at your own pace.

Guided Activities

Video Trainings

Discussion Series

Curated Kids Book Guides

...and more (this is getting too long!)


Raising Luminaries Sliding Scale Membership

The full value of all Summer Luminator facilitated gatherings, digital resources, downloadable guidebooks, video + audio trainings, and access to our member portal and support spaces adds up over $3000.

But we live in a capitalist hellscape, working together to close the wealth gap. So grab a founding member spot with lifetime access using our accessible sliding scale. All members get the same support and access, regardless of your ability to financially contribute.

Severe hardship

$360 for Luminary Braintrust MembersLifetime Access

Moderate Hardship

$650 for Luminary Braintrust MembersLifetime Access

No hardship

$1400 Early Registration
$1200 for Luminary Braintrust MembersLifetime Access

Your membership support covers the expenses and labor of facilitation, in addition to free resources on Books For Littles for families, care workers, and educators who can’t afford a paywall.

Luminary Braintrust members must have a currently-active membership of over 6 months to access the Luminary Braintrust discount. Membership is not transferable between the Summer & Winter Collectives. 

6-week or 6-month payment plans available with an additional $15 processing fee for each payment. Can’t afford the lowest tier? Contact me to coordinate a payment plan or no-cost membership option.


Still not sure?

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