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Work/life balance is a myth - between parenting, work, and striving for justice, we need a holistic approach that weaves our principles into every aspect of our daily lives. Get the strategies and support you need with a community of caregivers ready to listen and hold space for your unique challenges.

"The people who belong here aren't exactly sure... "

"...where we fit in, or what our next step should be. We care about showing up in the world in the way that creates most benefit and the least harm - rather than appearing perfect."

Tricia L, Community Organizer, Music Therapist & Parent of 5

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You're ready to ramp up advocacy for youth in your community - and want to model interdependent collaboration without becoming a doormat.

AAPI parent activist self-advocate


You want to make space for others to shine, and are ready to set boundaries and practice what you preach to empower others.

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Supporting everyone has left you too exhausted and burnt out to model healthy activism for your kids. You're ready to step into your power - while acknowledging your limits.

Who should join the Summer Luminator?

If you're not sure whether you'd be a good fit for our community - ask us!
Let me know your hesitations so we can help you figure out if we're the right community for you.

“Caregivers who raise children to fight for social justice – but are unwilling to leave our generation’s mess for our kids to clean up later – you’re welcome here.”

Alison L.

Co-Parent, Social Psychologist, TED Speaker

“I had very little idea what to expect! What kind of people are going to be able to pay for this kind of thing? Is everyone going to be obnoxiously rich and privileged? I loved getting to know my collaborators, an intimate group of delightfully thoughtful, honest, and down-to-earth parents.”

Jillian W.

Single Parent of 2, High School Educator

“If you can’t show up a little messy, then maybe this isn’t the spot for you. This isn’t for the parents on Instagram who are like, ‘Look how perfect I am, I have won.’

It’s really hard to be vulnerable in a space where people are perfect. Or with people who can’t recognize that they have flaws and more to learn and grow.”

Tricia L.

Community Organizer, Music Therapist & Co-Parent of 5

“Parents helping their kids navigate challenges they didn’t grow up with themselves – cisgender parents with gender-creative kids, transracially adoptive parents, white parents with biracial kids.

Folks who were raised to ignore power imbalance, but who don’t want to their own kids to get walloped with shame and defensiveness when they start to recognize thier own complicity in injustice.”

Ashia Ray

Raising Luminaries Founder, Autistic Co-Parent of 2

“We are committed to breaking down unjust systems – smashing white supremacy, sexism, etc. And we’re working from a framework of acknowledging and acting against the white capitalist patriarchy.”

Shannon B.S.

Author, Climate Justice Science Educator, Co-Parent of 2

The Summer Collective is for activist caregivers and parents who need a reboot! For when you know you need to recalibrate your work, but are not sure how.

Kerry P.

Community Organizer, Educator, Co-Parent of 2

How do we help each other?

“This entire collective is the support I’ve been desperately needing for the past two years and could not find.

It’s this combination of really basic ‘how to human’ skills that I desperately needed and didn’t realize I didn’t have. Including specific ‘how to activism’ skills – but they’re also more broadly useful for how to collaborate. How to identify what you bring, and what’s complementary for this collaboration, and how to set clear expectations.“

Alison L.

Parent, Social Psychologist, TED Speaker

“Doing it together as a group process really helps to spur me on, to have other people alongside even when they’re on different paths, at different paces. Having other people there was encouraging and motivating. This is not just like buying a workbook – it isn’t homework, and there’s nobody who’s beating up on you if you don’t do it, or whatever. But it IS self paced, and it IS flexible.”

Tricia L.

Community Organizer, Music Therapist & Co-Parent of 5

“I love the way the chat group has helped each of us process as we come into crisis. I wish I had more of these kinds of conversations in my life.

I really enjoy the chat group videos. We’re always talking about things that are fun and interesting – even though they’re often things that are really stressful for people.”

Jillian W.

Single Parent of 2, High School Educator

“The truth is – if I didn’t have this group to show up for, to have follow through on what we share here, I’d probably be hiding under a blanket, feeling overwhelmed and alone. Who am I to try to change the world alone? But together with a bunch of badasses? I dunno, smashing the kyriarchy feels curiously do-able.”

Ashia Ray

Raising Luminaries Founder, Autistic Co-Parent of 2

“I really admire the way you helps me loop back around to connect these insights to my faith. In so many places education is separated from parenting, separate from work, separated from faith – as if it’s all disparate stuff. But it’s not. I know Ashia doesn’t share the same faith – but they have this amazing skill of knitting these things together and making these connections so my parenting insights are cohesive with my faith and my social justice work.”

Tricia L.

Community Organizer, Music Therapist & Co-Parent of 5

“The Summer Collective is different from other ‘don’t get burned-out!’ kinds of workshops for parents because of how it’s rooted in Ashia’s commitment to social justice and systemic change.”

Shannon B.S.

Author, Climate Justice Science Educator, Parent of 2
Ashia Ray

Ashia Ray [they/them]

Summer Luminator Workshop Facilitator & Founder of Raising Luminaries

Hi, I'm Ashia Ray. This here is my face.

In Raising Luminaries, we hold space for parents who want to smash the kyriarchy and raise kind and courageous kids. Particularly those of us who don't fit into mainstream parenting groups: multiracial, class migrants, nonbinary, 'but-you-don't-look-disabled'-disabled parents.

We created the Summer Collective for caregivers and educators who need a support community for parenting challenges, but are tired of being the most radical person in the room. We weave social justice into our care work to light a path for our kids.

Still curious?

Raising Luminaries
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