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Igniting the next generation of kind & courageous leaders

An Impatient Parent Activist’s Guide To Solidarity In Slowing Down

Season 1, Episode 12

by Ashia R.
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Ashia Ray
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Episode Transcript

Hello, friends,

It’s season one, episode 12 of the Raising Luminaries podcast. And no pressure or anything but this is the last episode of the season.

I have tried recording this six times. And it all comes out like word salad. Partly because it’s the last episode of the season!

Wouldn’t it be cool if we had like, fireworks and noise machines… noise machines? Sound effects and like dance parties?! And I gave you like, an awesome idea about what we could do next to like, just like, bounce in the spring! And be dangerous in this year of a tiger!

Bbut I got nothing. All I have is word salad. All of my notes – the words I wrote don’t make any sense to me and I can’t remember what any of it means.

So instead we’ll just honor this time. This last… as we wrap up the winter, in the deep freeze. In this… outside everything’s covered in an inch of ice. Just honor the fact that our brains might still be popsicles, even though spring is around the corner. Even though it is a new year, our brains are still popsicles.

It is still cold. Just because we call it the Spring Festival, because spring is arriving doesn’t mean it’s actually spring yet. So I hope you give yourself some space and permission to accept that this is still a period of moving slowly, of hibernation.

Even though we give it our best effort to push through and produce despite things being harder than they should be. Doesn’t mean you actually have to push through and produce. Maybe just let go. Take a nap.

So I will be back. Probably we’ll have another season, if I get good feedback on this. And I get some advice on how to make it better. We’ll be back for another season, maybe in the summer or maybe just next winter.

I hope that you guys can join us for either our winter incubator or on the Patreon community for Raising Luminaries so we can keep up and I can provide tools and updates when we have new resource recaps. Or just follow the podcast and I will probably ramble at you in the future.

But I would love to hear your thoughts. And if you have any questions, suggestions ,or smart advice for how we can better raise kind and courageous humans to smash the kyriarchy in this new year of the tiger.

Okay, I will stop babbling and also send my deep appreciation for being here with me, and making space, and letting me talk info dumping words into your ear holes. Thank you. For lack of a more graceful exit… Bye!!!

Stay Curious, Stand Brave, and Accept Your Brain May be a Popsicle for a While

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Igniting the next generation of kind & courageous leaders
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