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Emerging This Spring: Season 2 of the Raising Luminaries Podcast

Season 2, Episode 0

by Ashia R.
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Ashia Ray
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Episode Transcript

Hello friends, we’re on a walk, expect some noise.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

We’re gonna start the spring podcast soon. I think this weekend – it’s gonna be me and Bellamy of Revolutionary Humans.

Oh yeah, this is the Raising Luminaries podcast, by the way.  Uhhh… vacation edition? Cause we’re in between seasons. Anyway.

We’re gonna start the spring version soon. Bellamy have some topics pre-planned that we could goof around on. Not take too seriously.

But anyway, if anyone has any ideas for what they’d like to hear, just go on teh Anchor podcast app and respond with a voice memo to let us know what questions or topics you would like us to cover. We will not share it with the public, unless you’re cool with that.

Just gives us something to make sure we’re in the right direction. And otherwise we’re just gonna pick random topics to talk about. And it will still be great. So no pressure.

Okay. I hope you’re having a good wrap up to winter, beginning of spring. And hopefully you’re getting outside and getting fresh air if you are physically and mentally able to do that.

Sending good vibes, dudes. Okay bye!

Stay Curious, Stand Brave, and Give Yourself Space to Thaw

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