Summer Luminator General Questions

The Summer Luminator, hosted by Raising Luminaries, is an annual 6-week workshop and social process group for parents, educators, and caregivers.

Our membership connects those raising the next generation of kind and courageous leaders, while giving us the solidarity and strategies we need to juggle work, life, and parenting – all while weaving in our fight for social justice, equity, and inclusion.

Raising Luminaries hosts two seasonal collectives each year – the Summer Luminator and the Winter Incubator.

Both seasonal collectives run for 6 weeks and provide a member portal and resource library of bite-sized lessons and strategies. Both cover necessary basics to sustain long-term activism without burning out, doing a saviorism, or making things worse for the people you’re trying to support.

The Summer Luminator focuses on transforming intent into action, creating a sustainable pace for our parenting and activism goals, and helps members develop community care strategies based on each member’s unique skills and interests.

In. both collectives, we support each other as we assess our current path, create space for you to decide what needs to change, and support you with strategies to make a deep impact in your unique field of interest.

However, the Summer Luminator invites you to de-center yourself to be an effective self-advocate, accomplice, and collaborator – while the Winter Incubator invites you to pull your attention inward and recognize the way your social power, season of life, and mental health impacts your ability effectively to show up for others.

Unlike the Summer Luminator, (which invites, but does not mandate group participation) the Winter Incubator hinges on active real-time group discussion, smore pace for rest, and  slower self-reflection.

In other words, the Summer Luminator is energetic, active, chock full of helpful strategies and lessons, and is designed around busy, irregular travel schedules. The Winter Incubator is a quiet retreat to deeply connect with a small group of people who will hold space for you to re-center and orient yourself – a restful pause to recover and heal before leaping back into action.

Ideally, we can support you through both seasons, as they rely on each other to stay patient with your kids, helpful to your community, and contributing to sustainable, revolutionary change.

Pick the collective that speaks to what you need most. Do you need a quiet break, or do you need a fun, active, pick-me-up?

Which season is less busy for you? Which would stress you out the least to join?

They’re designed to be cyclical, with our members re-joining year after year, if you want to. There is no ‘one right way’ to get started – what really matters is doing the hard and uncomfortable thing and taking the next easiest step toward change.
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