2022 Parent Activist Accelerator

July 11 through August 19

Together this summer, we're creating new ways to integrate our parenting and activism.

In the new reality of an endless pandemic, scarce support for parents, and Judgy McJudgersons who throw shade at our parenting choices - what if we had the opportunity to name the future we really want, and created a path to get there together?

This summer, we're reclaiming our fragmented attention and setting a direct course from theory to action. We’re overcoming the derailments of endless news tragedies, unsolicited advice, and social media feeds that derail our focus and spin us into overdrive.

We're getting radically honest about our capacity to dismantle the kyriarchy - so we can focus our limited time, energy, and resources to create a deeper impact.

We're discovering new ways integrate our values into daily life so our kids can live, breathe, and feel what it means to live for liberation.

We're re-learning what it means to make an effective impact beyond virtue signaling and performative activism.

If this experiment doesn’t work for you, get a full membership refund.

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Expendable income should not be the determining factor in whether we can access services, care, and community.

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Each seasonal collective is different because we tailor our discussions, resources, and plan of action around your schedule, values, challenges and goals.

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Questions & Concerns

FAQs & What-Ifs

How we do things differently here


While we’re still developing the rhythm and content of the Collectives, we’re centering caregivers who identify as parents (of any gender).


Families come in all kinds of constellations, so I hope to expand to other types of primary and secondary caregivers and educators as we gain more resources.


Any caregiver who parents is welcome – particularly folks who are often excluded from traditional social justice spaces through supremacist heirarchies and binary gatekeeping.


Members are expected to have a cursory understanding of systemic oppression (ex: oppression is systemic, and we are all responsible for dismantling it), have the self-awareness to be mindful of social power and our individual and group privilege.


If you’re not sure whether you are welcome in this space, join the waitlist and just let me know your hesitation so that I can provide more information.



Our 2022 Summer Collective starts July 11 and ends August 19th.


Enrollment opens June 17 and ends July 1, or when we hit max capacity of 6 members, whichever comes first.


If these dates don’t work for you – join the waitlist and I’ll let you know when future seasonal collectives are coming up. You can unsubscribe anytime.


Ideally you can attend a few of our weekly live hangouts – where we can connect in real-time and have deeper conversations guided by our weekly topics.


The rest of the materials for each week come in the form of video, articles, and podcasts that you can check out at your own pace. To connect with other members, we’re using the Marco Polo sharecast & group chat, an asynchronous video messaging app.


Which means we can to watch, re-watch, and reply to each other at our own pace, from anywhere – and any time – whether you want to spend 5 minutes a day, or more – is up to you.


Our resources and reflection process are designed to be revisited each summer, or as needed to come back to and build upon what you’ve learned. So you’ll have lifetime access to the resources – which means you can’t fall behind.


We’re gathering together because we feel like we’re constantly scrambling to keep up,  compelled to produce and go-go-go to uphold supremacy.

We’re not doing that here. There is no falling behind.

The only commitment we ask is to show up for each other in a way that is accessible to you – through written discussion threads, asynchronous video chats, or live hangouts – at your own pace. 

You’ll have year-round access to the resources and summer portal if you need to take a break and come back to it.

We’ll have six live hangouts, an ongoing asynchronous video group chat, and a comments section to start discussions each day.


So – plenty of different ways to connect.


So as long as you can respond and share feedback once a week in a format that’s accessible for you, that’s how we show up for each other.


You’ll have online access to the portal all year-round, for as long as it exists – that means access to the live hangout recordings, scaffolding resources, and reflection activities so you can enjoy them at your own pace.



Our live hangouts are deeply interactive and not designed for passive consumption. We have to max out each collective at 6 members to build strong, interdependent relationships between the group. 


I tailor the resources for each collective to be accessible for every member’s accessibility needs and individual goals.


We grow through developing relationships and building trust – so it’s vital each member has ample time to share and show up for each other in our live hangouts.


For folks who enjoy a real-time accountability check-in, we hang out on Zoom for 1-2 hours once weekly, for six weeks, to discuss the reflections of the week.

I record the sessions and will send private links for folks who missed the hangout or would like to review it.

We use automatically generated live captions on Zoom and I send members transcripts from the video after our hangout.

Unfortunately we can’t afford a live ASL interpreter at this time.

Collective members get:

> 5 weekly video messages to kick off reflection & action

> 6 Interactive action discovery workbooks

> Asynchronous voice, text, and video chat room to connect with members, share ideas, and ask questions

> 6 Guided live hangouts to reflect, process, and break down integrating activism and parenting easy steps

> 1-on-1 live collaboration & session with me (Ashia) to streamline & simplify your commitments and help you convert intention into action.

> 3 months access to our habit-stacking accountability challenge

> 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month accountability check in after the accelerator wraps up

> A certificate of badassery after following through on the commitments you create for yourself.

> Free access to the Luminary Brain Trust for 3 months.

> Year-round access to all the Summer Accelerator resources in our online portal for as long as the portal exists.


For a 6-week collective, the enrollment fee is priced at a sliding scale starting at $1400 all the way down to $400 for multiply-targeted folks experiencing financial hardship.


Investing in deep work guided by disabled BIPOC is one way we distribute power, hold ourselves accountable, and participate in interdependent economics.


Your enrollment fee allows me to create accessible resources that tie this collective together. 


Of course you can cobble together and create your own resources, coordinate accountability group meetings, and figure this out on your own – but knowing what to cover, in what order, and orchestrating trust-building for an entire group of people with varying accessibility needs on your own can be confusing and frustrating.


Our collectives are designed to carry us together through a relationship-building process, building upon each week from start to finish. So you don’t have to spend your scarce time, energy, and mental bandwidth figuring out how to do it yourself and facilitating group conflicts. 


The actual cost to keep the collective sustainable is $1400 for each member, and memberships below that price are limited.


Please read the full sliding scale guide to see if you qualify for a lower cost.



In the unlikely event that we’re WAY TOO POPULAR and get more than 6 members who want to join us, we can split a larger group into two smaller cohorts for live hangouts.


And you can always register now to save your spot, but then let me know if you’re willing to delay your membership until next year for anyone who needs to join us ASAP.


Most importantly – we need you to show up if you can to make this project a success so we can continue to offer it to folks in future years. So if you want to join us – DO IT!


If by our sixth week, you have engaged with the resources and reflections to the best of your ability, you’ve shown up to the live hangouts, and it’s still not for you, send me all of your completed discovery activities before the end of the collective, and I’ll send you a full refund.

Since there is such limited space in the incubator, I can’t offer refunds if you just don’t engage with the work or show up to the live hangouts, since that’s a limited space we can’t retroactively replace.

For more info, check out the full return policy.


The resources I provide for each member are designed to be accessed by a single person only.


If you’d like to join the collective with a friend or a group, create separate memberships for each individual.


If you can’t afford the cost of enrollment, that’s why I offer a sliding scale.


Sharing locked content is a violation of the terms & conditions (and it’s stealing).

Visit the enrollment page to register when enrollment opens at noon on June 17th and ends when alll the spots are taken.

You can be the leader your kids are proud to follow

Join us before enrollment closes, or we run out of space (whichever is first).

Still not sure? Check out the 30-day refund policy.


Let's collaborate

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